There is a 50lb. total checked baggage limit distributed among a maximum of 2 bags.  One Carry-on bag is permitted which must fit under the seat or in an overhead compartment.  Overhead storage compartments are 9x24x13 inches with 24 lbs. Maximum under the seat dimension is 18x16x12 inches.  All carry-on must be tagged at check-in.  Due to limited space on some flights, additional restrictions may apply.  Consult the Passenger Service Agent. Excess charges- overweight $25 for each bag. For weight between 51-99 pounds, $40/bag, except Single engine aircraft $.0.30/lb total weight. $80/bag for weight 100 to 150lbs (space available).



Packaging of baggage must be able to withstand normal loading procedures and in-flight movement.  Freedom Air will not be liable for loss or damage to high value check-in items.  Freedom Air will not be liable for damage to improperly packaged check in baggage.  Freedom Air will not be liable for perishable check in items.



All lost baggage must be reported immediately on discovery of the loss.  When you notify a Freedom Air agent, you will be asked to complete a lost baggage claim form.  Every effort will be made to retrieve the lost bag.  After 24 hours, and the bag is not found, reasonable expenses may be reimbursed.  Freedom Air defines reasonable as $50 maximum.

If the baggage cannot be recovered, then the value of the bag will be paid to the passenger based on a value declared at the time of loss.  The maximum paid will be $200.



Freedom Air takes every effort to care for the baggage; however, if after the arrival of the bag the passenger feels that there has been damages to the bag, he should immediately make a claim with the Freedom Air Agent who will make an assessment of the damage.

During the course of travel, normal wear and tear may occur as a result of normal handling.  The baggage system may nick or scratch during handling.  Like most major airlines, Freedom Air does not accept liability for damage in checked luggage such as:

                Broken Wheels or feet

                Lost pull straps

                Minor cuts and scratches

                Damage resulting from overpacking

                Fragile or perishable items damaged during transportation

                Improperly or unsuitably packed items

Damage resulting from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) inspections.

Written notice should be placed in the inside of your luggage or a seal may be placed on the outside of your luggage if the Transportation Security Administration has made a random search of your bag.  Contact them at 1-866-289-9673 if you feel there was damage done during their inspections.  Contact Freedom Air Agents as well.



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